Shoe Trees

10th May 2018

The high-quality cedar wood shoe trees maintain the shape, dissipate moisture and smooth out creases. The fragrant wood of the red cedar absorbs the moisture that has penetrated into the leather, while acting antibacterial. The result: your shoes smell fresh again and last much longer. Please always order your shoe trees one size smaller than your shoe size, i.e. If your shoe size is 40, you should order the shoe trees in size 39.
The advantages
  • Maintains the fit, prolongs the life
  • Smoothens creases in the upper leather
  • Deprives the shoes of sweat and moisture
  • Naturally antibacterial against shoe odor
  • Aromatic cedar fragrance, pleasantly deodorizing
  • 100% Natural Effective
Product description
We people have most of sweat glands, under the sole of the foot, i.e. Here we sweat most. This moisture is effectively absorbed by the Zederna sole and prevents foot odor. However, our feet also release moisture into the leather of the shoe and also the odoriferous corneal bacteria can penetrate into the leather of the shoes. The result: The shoes smell unpleasant. Here, our premium shoe trees are made of cedar wood: they absorb the moisture of the leather and have an antibacterial effect. Existing shoe odor disappears immediately and is permanently avoided. Our shoe trees are processed so well thought out (see next point) that they optimally help to extend the life of the shoes and to keep the original shape. Gussets are smoothed, the tension maintains the shape of the shoe. All in all, your high-quality shoes will stay fresh and in shape thanks to the shoe trees.
Processing and Material
The cedar wood shoe trees consist of three parts:
  1. The spring incorporated in the front leaf ensures that the cedar wood fits exactly in the front part of all common shoes.
  2. The intermediate piece of cedar wood shoe trees has a double suspension, which ensures an optimal adaptation to the shoe length.
  3. The anatomically perfectly rounded heel piece nestles perfectly in the back of the shoes and thus lifts the pressure of the tensioner - a damage to the shoe cap is thereby excluded.
For better ventilation of the shoe, the front sheet is concavely arched on the underside and provided on the side with three cross holes. The air can circulate in the shoe and the insole is sufficiently ventilated thanks to the cedar shoe trees. The high-quality shoe trees are made of untreated cedar wood. Ecologically, it is harmless because it is a thinning wood.
Recommendations for wearing
Our premium shoe trees are suitable for men and women's shoes. They have an antibacterial effect and as a shoe deodorant for all leather, cotton and synthetic shoes. The best thing to do is to put cedar wood shoe trees in the shoes immediately after taking them off while the leather is still warm and flexible enough. Thanks to the anatomical design, the application is very easy and prevents damage to the front or rear cap. The incorporated double suspension ensures optimal adaptation to the shoe. When choosing the shoe tensioner, please pay attention to making it one size smaller than the shoe.
Shipping and Return
  • SHIPPING: Free delivery
  • ORDER PROCESSING: As a rule, our orders are sent from Monday to Friday within 24 hours. You will receive a shipping confirmation by email as soon as we have shipped your soles.
  • SHIPPING TIME: The shipping time within Germany is usually between 1 and 3 working days.
  • RETURN: We want our customers to be 100% satisfied. If this is not the case with you, please contact us. We offer 100% refund for dissatisfied customers.
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