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We specialize in natural foot care products that keep your feet and shoes fresh and in pristine condition.

Healthy yoga feet

Naturally Healthy Feet

Our hand-crafted cedar wood shoe insoles are made
from 100% natural materials. These materials ––
a cedar wood-cotton mix –– offer a simple, elegant
and effective solution for keeping your feet
and shoes dry, fresh and healthy.

The Magic of Cedar Wood

Majestic cedar wood trees have been used since ancient times for their cosmetic and preservative properties. In modern times cedar wood is commonly used in wardrobes as a natural, effective and fragrant solution for repelling insects.

Cedar wood also has powerful anti-bacterial effect. The robust cedar wood tree contains complex chemical compounds which eradicate and prevent decay. These same compounds are incredibly effective at eliminating the bacteria that cause foot and shoe odor. Cedar wood is even powerful enough to cure and prevent common foot afflictions such as athlete’s foot and fungal infections.

Mystical cedar wood forrest
Odor free sneakers

Dry Shoes, Fresh Feet

When you step into a pair of Cedar Soles, the cedar wood cotton mix efficiently absorbs and contains any excess moisture, leaving your feet, socks and shoes dry and comfortable. When you take your shoes off, the cedar wood naturally releases this moisture into the air. Meanwhile, natural chemicals in cedar wood keep bacteria from forming. As a result, your feet and shoes stay fresh and fragrant.

Investing in Your Shoes And Your Feet

Your shoes are an investment, as are your feet. We believe they deserve the best care. Our hand-crafted natural insoles are not only comfortable, flexible and custom-sized for your shoes, they also offer a more elegant solution to the various other insole options on the market. Wear them with or without socks, in casual shoes as well as your finest dress shoes. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

Cure sweaty feet issues with formal shoes

Our Cedar Wood Insoles are Handcrafted in Germany