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Regular Price : From 10,- GBP
Starting at 5, - GBP for new customer subscriptions
  • 50% discount in the first delivery, if you want to get to know our Zederna soles first.
  • And then regular savings subscription price.
  • Subscription can be canceled anytime.
  • Automatic delivery every 2 or 3 months.
  • Payment by invoice possible.
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Regular Price : From 12,- GBP
No price advantage
  • Only one-time purchase.
  • No subscription benefit. No new customer advantage.
  • Order at the regular price.
  • Free shipping from 2 pairs.
  • Payment by invoice possible.

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Shoe Trees
  • Protects your shoes from odors and sweat.
  • Keeps your shoes in shape.
  • The perfect supplement if you do not wear your shoes.
Cedar Soles
From: £10.00 per unit
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Cedar Soles One Time Order
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Shoe Trees

The high-quality cedar wood shoe trees maintain the shape, dissipate moisture and smooth out creases. The fragrant wood of the red cedar absorbs the moisture that has penetrated into the leather, while acting antibacterial. The result: your shoes smell fresh again and last much longer.
Please always order your shoe trees one size smaller than your shoe size, i.e. If your shoe size is 40, you should order the shoe trees in size 39.

£34.90 £28.00
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