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  • Gary F

    It takes a lot for me to feel it necessary to leave a review for anything. That being said, I absolutely LOVE these inserts. Forget the ordinary “stop foot odor” inserts from name brands.

  • Arthur Evans

    I purchased this product out of sheer desperation. My son has a huge problem with foot odor and nothing we tried really worked. He put these inside his shoe and I couldn’t believe the difference. Finally no stinky feet. The customer service is excell

  • Jimmy

    I walk a few miles each day to work, the gym, and back. These keep your feet smelling good. Prefer them over leather insoles which I’ve been using every summer.

  • Kim N

    I am EXTREMELY happy with the Zederna Insoles!!! It really does what it says, the foot odor and smell is gone immediatly!!!! Incredible……I put inside one of my stinkiest high-heel boot (had not worn for some time because fear of smell) and NO SWEATY FEET and NO ODOR!!!!!!! God bless you and your team……I wish I had known about your company much, much sooner!!! I am very pleased with your product and will tell all my friends and family about you!!!

  • Peter B

    Finally an effective product against stinking feet. My girlfriend is so grateful that she recommends the product over the Internet to other suffering companions. And I especially like it, because it is so easy to use. I hate all these crèmes and powders.

  • Thomas S

    My wife ordered the Inserts for testing. 4 weeks ago I went through a very extreme test of the product (I cannot imagine that there is something more glaring, otherwise please let me know :-). I was on a three-week journey with my motorcycle through the Sahara in South-Algeria. During this time I could shower exactly twice and/or wash feet and socks (in the desert one needs water for drinking!). During the day, temperatures were between 25 – 35°C. I only brought one pair of skiing socks to keep my luggage light and wore these socks in my motocross boots. Normally my socks stink like hell already after one day. This time it was surprisingly different. No stinky feet. Even better, there was a pleasant smell of cedarwood when I put off my boots. Socks and feet were during these weeks in very good condition. Congratulations, you invented a great product, which brings your customers even safely through the Sahara! Returning to Switzerland, I immediately ordered two subscriptions for my wife and myself.

  • Anton

    Our son suggested to try your Insoles. He is a carpenter and read an article about your company. First he tried your insoles himself and then he was so nice to buy some for his parents. And now we wear the inserts in all our shoes.

  • Dirk

    … a few years ago I bought your Zederna Inserts at a fair. I wore them for over a year and had no problems with athlete’s foot anymore. Unfortunately I didn’t note the company’s name where I bought the soles. By searching the internet for days, I found an article referring to your product and homepage. I ordered immediately and were sent the experienced quality… and what should I say: the athlete’s foot is gone again. Thank you!

  • Doris

    I got a warm recommendation from my podiatrist.

  • Mark F

    I order your inserts regularly and I am still very content!

  • Martina S

    Thanks for the quick delivery; I never expected the insoles being that thin and flexible. I will recommend your innovative product to my customers. A lot of them have smelly feet…

  • Petra K

    Hello, I ordered some insoles for my husband, guess why? He likes to wear them very much and I like him to do that, too! 😉 Our marriage smells a lot better now.

  • Ralph E

    Hello Zederna People, your product really is extraordinary. Yesterday I was shopping with my wife for 6 hours wearing my Timberlands. The last stop was a shoe shop, where I bought some sneakers. I felt rather uncomfortable, when I had to remove my Timberlands in order to try the sneakers – and – nothing – no smell at all! Before I had your insoles, I can remember a few rather embaressing situations…