How to Eliminate Sweaty Feet Issues

22nd November 2016

Sweaty feet and the resulting foot and shoe odour are conditions that can affect your confidence and even make you avoid going out in public. Perspiration is your body’s natural response to the warm environment and acts as a failsafe measure to protect your body from overheating. The skin of your body has millions of sweat glands, though, in areas such as the groin, armpit, and the soles of the feet, there may be a larger concentration. For example, the soles of your feet typically have around 250,000 sweat glands each that produce half a pint of perspiration per day. However, by itself, sweat is not a problem since it is mostly water with some amount of sodium chloride and other salts.

Eliminate sweaty feet and foot odour problems

Sweaty Feet Explained

‘Plantar hyperhidrosis’, the medical term for excessive sweating of the feet, affects more men than women. Also, adolescents as well as pregnant women are more likely to suffer from sweaty feet issues than for example older people. It will interest you to know that having sweaty feet can also be a genetic condition which affects approximately 176 million people worldwide, as reported by the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

Causes of Sweaty Feet

Several factors can contribute to the condition of sweaty feet:

  • First, a genetic propensity can make your feet sweat more than average
  • Second, you also sweat more when you’re tense, stressed, or undergoing some vigorous physical activity
  • Third, your choice of footwear can worsen the condition. For instance, plastic or rubber shoes and the synthetic inner lining don’t allow the feet to respire. Nylon socks can have a similar effect while cotton socks tend to store the moisture and don’t let it evaporate
  • Last, also your nutrition can have an influence on sweaty feet and foot odour problems: Alcohol and other toxic food or drinks can cause your body and your feet to sweat excessively as a natural reaction of the body to get rid of those toxins

Why Sweaty Feet Can Be a Problem

Sweat and bacteria are naturally present in the skin, and when perspiration is produced and evaporates normally, it does not cause a problem. However, when the excessive sweat remains trapped on the skin, it creates the perfect moist and warm environment for bacteria and fungus to grow and spread. This can result in skin ailments and infections such as itching of the skin, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, and even toe nail fungus. In addition, these harmful skin bacteria release certain acids while decomposing the sweat, which causes the unpleasant odour often referred to as ‘smelly or stinky feet’.

What Helps Against Sweaty Feet

Adopting a simple foot hygiene routine can help to overcome the problem of sweaty feet and foot odour. In addition, it is always advisable to consult a doctor or podiatrist who can recommend the right measures and precautions to cure these conditions. Following are some simple home remedies to stop sweaty feet and foot odour issues:

  • Wash your feet thoroughly every day using an antibacterial soap. Make sure to also wash between your toes
  • Dry your feet completely and allow them to air out
  • If necessary, apply anti-bacterial or anti-fungal foot powder or corn starch
  • Select shoes made of natural and breathable materials such as leather; avoid synthetic or rubber shoes that do not allow your feet to perspire
  • Use socks that are made of natural or synthetic fibres that can wick away the sweat and keep your feet dry
  • Consider carrying an extra pair of socks with you and change your socks when required
  • Use sweat-absorbing shoe insoles made of natural materials such as leather insoles or cedar wood shoe insoles
  • Use a different pair of shoe each day. Clean your shoes regularly, and dry them out completely before using them

A 100% Natural Solution for Sweaty Feet – ZEDERNA Cedar Wood Shoe Insoles

A simple, but very effective solution to all sweaty feet issues are ZEDERNA Cedar Wood Insoles. These very innovative shoe inserts can be slipped into your shoes to help you deal with the issue of excessive sweating of the feet as well as foot odour. Handcrafted in Germany, these anti-odour insoles are very thin and available in a range of sizes, so you won’t need to trim them by hand. Not only can they absorb the moisture, but the essential, natural oils of cedar wood work perfectly to keep your feet smelling pleasant, clean, and fragrant all day long. Insert these sweat and odour eating shoe insoles inside your shoes, and you can even wear your shoes without socks. Rest assured that this foot odour product has no chemicals or artificial additives, and can be safely used by vegans.

Conclusion – No More Sweaty Feet Issues

Sweaty feet are no doubt a serious problem that can take away from the quality of your life. But, with the correct hygiene, the appropriate foot wear, and the help of ZEDERNA Cedar Soles, you can stop and prevent all sweaty feet and foot odour issues, and step out once again with complete confidence.

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